We stock and sale over 1,000 different key blanks with a wide range of automotive keys, to all your residential and business door lock keys, to small filing cabinet, mailbox, padlock, gas cap keys and many more. Our keys are all name brand so you know that they are top grade and very durable.


Since we work on locks everyday we know what locks you can trust and what locks work best in different applications. We stock and sale good quality and high grade locks that when installed properly will last a long time.


We do not stock safes, but we can help educate you and help you pick out a safe that will work best for you and what you need it for, and we can order pretty much any kind of safe you want. When you order a safe through ARK you know that you are getting a professional grade safe and ARK can even deliver and install it for you.

Alarm Security & CCTV Systems

We stock several products that can help you keep your home, business, or property safe and secure on several different levels. Whether you need an alarm security system or a security surveillance system we can help you out. Come and talk to us about your specific needs.